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To do this you should have already completed researching buyer personas and the buyer journey.

Now we will learn how to bootstrap your website with just enough content to sell your products.

To do this we are going to use simple writing method that will focus your product’s strengths without needing too much content or too many web pages.

Bing, Bang, Bongo

Bing, Bang, Bongo is a concept that was part of my school district’s curriculum to learn how to write essays. They taught to use in the 5th grade and I doubt I have learned anything else more useful in school.

Bing, bang, bongo, is not only for writing essays. Presentations, websites, and even negotiation is improved from the bing, bang, bongo method.

The idea is that you should first tell your audience what you’re going to tell them in three points. Those points are your bing, bang and bong. You then tell them more information about each point. Then summarize your points again.

If you’re giving a presentation this can feel redundant, but to your audience it emphasizes your points. You set expectation, provide details, then recapp bringing everyone to the same page. The repetition helps cement it in their memory. At the end you have told them three points, three times.

For most websites the three points you want to really send are. Qualify that your product is right for them. That your product will Simplify their needs. Quantify the services you offer.

Introduction – Who You Are

The top part of your page is your introduction to your company. It the first thing your potential customer see so it should quickly confirm that what you have to offer matches their needs.

This area should be simple and have two sections of text at take up the majority of the above the fold screen space. A main headline and sub-headline.
In the main headline clearly state what it is that your business is doing. You should include what the main keywords for your product.

Example : If your company is a B2B Cloud SasS looking for startups then this should be included in your main headline. “ Enterprise Cloud Solutions for Startups”

In subtext include features that represent your Bing, your bang, and your bango. Use expressive language to know why it is great.

Example : Using the same example company as before (B2B Cloud SasS looking for startups). Amazing Scalability – Innovative Feature Solutions for Startups”

  • Keep this area simple with a clear message.
  • Directly state what it is that you have to offer.
  • Use the main keywords you want to optimize for.
  • If possible state who your product is for.
  • Use Htags to write copy
  • Make sure your text is clearly visible on your background.
  • If you are NOT an ecommerce business, do not bother with a slider. Studies show that no one uses it.
  • Directly state what it is that you have to offer in a few words as possible
  • If possible state who your product is for.
  • Use images to show text.
  • Worry about parallax or video effects. These are cools but will have limited impact on the effectiveness of your website.

Bing – Qualify Your Product

Let them right away know product is right them and you. Highlight what features or services are relevant different audience. Your goal is to let people know they came to right place.

Example – If your services is good for enterprise and small business, then address a feature that is strong for enterprise customers and another feature that is strong for small businesses.

Bang – Simplify Your Product

This isn’t about simplifying information product. The goal of this section is to remove the barriers a potential customer might have in using your product or service.

Example – If your product solves a problem, show your service makes solving the problem simpler. If your services are normally complicated, you want to illustrate what features make your products easy to use. If your product requires users to switch providers or migrate date, let them know how easy it is to do.

Bongo – Quantify Your Product

Here is where your are going to summarize any other features you want to highlight for your product. This is a good section to include a comparison chart or list of standard features that a product like your would normally cover.

The goal here being to let readers know you cover all the basics services that a product or services like yours should cover in case they have any remaining questions.

Conclusion – Call to Action

The last thing you need for your website is a call to action. In other word you need something for a person to do when they get there. What the call to action for your website should be depends on many factors.

Consider how long the sales process is for what you have to offer. Maybe you only want someone to sign up to a newsletter. You may however, want to be more aggressive and push for a consultation or demo. Depending on how long you see the customer development cycle to be consider what you want the customer action to be.

It is important to remember there is no one right answer or best solution (at least not when you are starting). You will want to test out and try different things. Tools like X Theme and Covert Plug are so vital because they allows you to quickly change your website and track the performance of both.

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